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Sugar Daddy Allowance It looks easy, but setting your sugar baby allowance isn’t as simple what most assume it to be. Truth is it is actually a tricky thing given the fact that a sugar baby allowance typically ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. You may look at this just like applying for a regular job, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even the most experienced get hysterical when it comes to talking cash with a potential sugar daddy. Seeking Arrangement for mutual benefits of sugar daddies and sugar babies, sugar allowance, shopping and monthly allowance upto $3500 to $4000.

In this article, we will focus on a few tips that will help you with the right number for your sugar daddy allowance. Later, we will discuss the top 10 sugar daddy allowance tips and tricks which will help you to get what you deserve effortlessly and gracefully from your sugar daddy. Let’s get to it:

How Worthy Am I As A Sugar Baby?

Let’s get one thing straight—you’re priceless. There is no one who can place a price on your worth. You’re probably aware that there are many perils in the sugar daddy dating world. Here’s our advice—don’t ever fall into the vicious trap of determining your sugar daddy allowance based on your physical looks, education level, ethnicity, age, social background, and so on. Having said that, let’s now shed some idea what allowance should you expect from your sugar daddy. It’s imperative that you set your allowance in a way that matches the contribution and investment you’re willing to make to your sugar daddy’s life. Find that number that you and your sugar daddy is willing to settle and comfortable with.

3 Tips To Establish The Right Figure For Sugar Daddy Allowance

How Much That Is You Want?

Not all sugar babies have the same goals, needs, and motivations. Every sugar baby is different. Are you looking for ways to supplement your monthly income by a hundred or a thousand dollars? If that’s what you want, then frankly sugar daddy dating isn’t for you. You can earn that money and even more by going on paid dates.

Most want to be a sugar baby because they want an allowance to cover their lifestyle expenses. According to Seeking Arrangement, an average sugar baby earns around $3,000 per month, but the number fluctuates around $1,000 to $5,000. To get a rough figure of your allowance, create your monthly budget and find out how much money you need to cover your bills, and other related expenses, and yeah, to live comfortably. Also, don’t forget to include how much you need to deposit in your savings account.

Now, most sugar babies dream of earning monthly sugar daddy allowance of $10,000 to $20,000, but let’s be realistic here—that’s not going to happen anytime soon. That’s not the norm. You’ll need a heck lot of trust and respect from your sugar daddy to foot such a bill. We aren’t telling you that it’s impossible, but to reach that kind of allowance usually, require a lot of time as well as strong connection and networking. If you’re lucky enough to get that amount, well, kudos to you!

But, if you’re just starting out proposing your sugar daddy to grant you $10,000 in allowances may not go down smoothly. Keep in mind, people who are thinking to get into the role of being a sugar daddies are well-versed businessmen and they know a thing or two about negotiating the best deal. Therefore, play it safe and ask for an allowance that can cover your daily allowances and allows you to put something aside for a rainy day.

How Much Is He Willing To Give?

It is a well-established stereotype that all sugar daddies are multi-millionaires or multi-billionaires, but that’s not true. Even, if yours happen to be one or at least “filthy rich”, remember, they all have obligations such as mortgage, credit card debt, investing in their business, paying for their kids’ education, etc. That’s not all—the location your sugar daddy lives is also a deciding factor on how much your sugar daddy can pay. As per the survey by Seeking Arrangement, the highest paid sugar babies typically reside in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

What Are The Terms And Conditions Of Your Sugar Daddy Arrangement?

Make a list of factors like exclusivity, time, nature of the relationship, and other expectations and activities your sugar daddy is expecting from you, before finalizing the terms of your monthly allowance. Rule of thumb: the more time you two spend together, the higher your allowance will be. Your monthly allowance is also expected to go up further if your sugar daddy expects you to be available at any time, spend full weekends or nights with him, and dine with him on weekends—you get the gist. Having an exclusive relationship with your sugar daddy for a higher allowance is also in incongruence.

In the previous section, we talked about how to come up with the ideal number for your sugar daddy allowance. In this section, we will focus on some tips that will help you to get you to that point respectfully and with grace.

5 Tips For Asking For Sugar Daddy Allowance

1. Get Comfortable Asking

This is by far the most important regardless of what you ask for. Regardless of what you ask for, you should feel comfortable doing so. Sure, it feels really uncomfortable when asking someone for money, more so if its allowance from your sugar daddy. Anyways, if asking for sugar daddy allowance makes you a bit queasy, take some time to make yourself comfortable. You can also practice how you’ll ask for it. Repeat a few times or until you can tell it without any hesitation.

2. Impress Your Sugar Daddy First

This is a simple, yet effective technique to get what you want from your sugar daddy. Negotiating for allowance is an art in itself. When you’ve decided on going on a date with a potential sugar daddy, don’t discuss allowance in your first date. Instead, concentrate all of your efforts solely on impressing him. Make your sugar daddy become interested in you wildly. A genuine, interested sugar daddy will want to become involved with you and is highly likely to discussions the allowance on his own. If he mentions it on the first date, it is an indication that he is actually interested in you. Now, comes the tricky part—don’t tell him how much your allowance you expect from him, but tell him that you simply want to know each other. If he still wants to talk about it, tell him you’re more comfortable to talk it over the phone after the date.

3. Take Advantage of the Phone

Many of us don’t like to talk numbers face-to-face. Expert’s opinion about it that If you can do it, go for it. But, if you aren’t comfortable, have the conversation over the phone. Remember, almost 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you don’t feel 100% confident to ask for an allowance or at least what you’re asking for, it very likely that your sugar daddy may sense it, and things may not go well. Words of advice: control your voice over the phone and be confident when discussing your allowance.

4. Understand Your Options

There is a likelihood that your sugar daddy may have already decided on how much to give to an allowance, but it’s still a good idea to know your alternatives. Are you looking for a weekly allowance? Will a monthly allowance be more convenient for you? Do you want your sugar daddy to pay your monthly bills? Is there any specific way you want to receive your allowance? Prepaid credit cards? Bank deposit? Cash? Is PayPal better for you? Find out which works for you and yes, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Nonetheless, it is important that you know what options are available at your disposal and be comfortable with it.

5. Research and Know His Range

Sugar daddies come from all professions and income levels. Before discussing sugar daddy allowance with your sugar daddy, do some research and find how much he can pay. Find out how much a person makes in his profession in the city or town you’re living in. Is he the boss of his own company or an employee? Is he in debt? Does he have a spouse, family, or kids to support? Does he rent or own his home? Does he owns or leases a car? Normally, you can most of this information by listening to him he says when you’re getting to know each other. This will help you estimate his earning potential and how much he can afford to pay for a sugar baby. According to Seeking Arrangement, in 2013, the average sugar daddy earned a just over $270,000, whilst the average sugar baby allowance was just a little over $60,000. Lastly, calculate how much he can pay and then negotiate.

So, what’s the kicker? Do some research what a sugar daddy does for a living and how much can he afford to pay you to be his sugar baby. Moreover, find out how many people depend on him, spouse, kids, relatives, etc. We suggest making things convenient for you to opt for a single sugar daddy.

At last but not least—once you’ve come up with a number, don’t be shy or hesitate to share it with your sugar daddy. They’ll for sure appreciate your honesty and sincerity, which will help them to communicate in a clear way about your expectations.

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