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Overal Rating: 3.5/5

Rich Meet Beautiful is a dating site based in Europe. It was launched August in the year 2017, but by the end of the same year, it was ranked as being one of the highest ranking sugar dating sites. Just from its name, it aims at rich women and men looking forward to enjoying the best moments with young and attractive girls. Get sugar daddy allownce and sugar baby allowance for mutual benefits.

Rich Meet Beautiful is a site that operates all over the world. It is offered in other countries including the USA. Since commencing in Europe, most members hail from the European nations. It has greatly acquired popularity over a short period of time because of its effectiveness and efficiency.

The Features:

The process of sign up

At Rich Meet Beautiful the process of signing up is very easy and straight. When you want to become a member, you only need to provide your details such as age, body type, location dating preferences and some other information essential to the dating site. Males are also required to disclose details about their annual salary and net worth.

Members Anonymity

Most of the members will greatly appreciate how Rich Meet ensures the anonymity of their members. Although the dating site is not new, not everyone has accepted the lifestyle. Therefore, members are not ready to let their sugar dating activities be known to the general public. The site offers an opportunity for individuals to meet their sugar babies and sugar daddies, as they keep this part of their life private.

Usability and Design

The design of the website and app is really attractive. It is designed in three colors: white, black and gold. This offers a very satisfying appearance to the viewers and perfectly fits the class of who is who in the society. The app and the site are very efficient; therefore you don't necessarily need to be an expert on computers and gadgets in order to maneuver through the site. Loading pages also take short time and you have a chance to convert the pages depending on the language you speak.

In order to experience maximum benefits associated with this site, you need to seek premium membership. To subscribe, click on the premium button which is situated at the left side of the screen next to your profile picture.

There is also a section that enables you to improve your personality, you can do it free of charge. You only need to complete the profile information and upload several of your photos. The premium membership is usually renewed at the end of every subscription to ensure your communication is not interrupted any time.

Other Special Features:

Rich Meet Beautiful comes with other enticing and nice special features which you can enjoy. Some of them will compel you to go for premium membership while others can easily be accessed without any cost. Here are the special features.

Featured Users

This is a good feature that enables you to have access to popular members in a vicinity of your country. These are the people who have contributed to the popularity of the site 100%.


One can successfully send and view gifts although you need to have some credits. This credit can only be acquired if you are subscribed to 6 to 12 monthly subscriptions.


This feature provides you with a list of profiles you had previously visited and those who had a chance to visit yours. In order to view the profiles of those who have checked yours, you need to subscribe, but viewing for those you have checked is free of charge.


This is a feature that enables you to make someone your favorite. Well, you may not be able to tell who has selected you as their favorite unless you enhance subscription plans.


Just like visits and favorites, you will be allowed to relay some winks to others free of charge although you may not be able to view those who have winked you unless you subscribe.

The Private Keys

This is another effective feature that enables members to request other members. This means that a sugar daddy or sugar momma can request for sugar toyboy or sugar baby. However, it also requires a subscription for that particular plan.


You can go through articles about sugar dating and their associated benefits. This is a free feature which you can access at any time.


So far Rich Meet Beautiful is one of the most effective and reliable dating sites. The following are the associated advantages: -Net worth declaration -Comes with a chatroom -Has a messaging functions -Easy and free registration -A verification process to ensure the user is legit


A lot is associated with it is the most basic for those looking for a site. It gives sugar babies an opportunity to send messages and also focuses on the preservation of user anonymity. is a growing area that offers every user some good hope. It is an amazing site that will assure you a partner of your wish.