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Overal Rating: 3/5 is a dating site that specializes in mutual benefits relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies. Meet sugar daddies get sugar daddy allowance.

In this dating site, you will find thousands of members who usually sign up every single day, meaning it can be so easier for you to find your perfect much for mutual benefits relationships. In the world of online dating, secret uniqueness is incomparable with any other site. Its very user-friendly dating site making it very easy to use for everybody and therefore giving a conducive environment for sugar daddy and sugar baby dating.

How the sites work.

Secret benefits is a dating site which was set to ensure sugar daddy dating and sugar babies dating. This is where if you are either a sugar baby or sugar daddy you are assured that for sure, you will meet sugar baby who is ready to give you company and also someone who is ready to engage you in a relationship.

It's a site that will give you a chance to explore a world of sugar daddy dating. Since 2015, millions of sugar daddies and babies have used secret benefits, services finding companionship and adventure, for mutually fulfilling unique arrangements.

What is a relationship with benefits?

This is direct and precise relationship that two people can engage themselves with an aim of benefiting from each other. In such a relationship there is no time wastage on pretense since everybody is aware of what he/she wants.

What does sugar daddy want:

He is a successful man who wants a partner who he can spend his riches and success with. He is ready to give allowances, financial support advice's and many more to the sugar babies. He is also ready to share his life experiences and lifestyles with attractive, beautiful and sexy benefits.

In most cases, sugar daddies prefer sugar babies who are beautiful, attractive and goal oriented who are in need of either lifestyle upgrade, financial assistance, professional advancement and many other benefits. Also, sugar daddy's want sugar babies who care for them, respect them and their privacy, sugar babies who are willing to spend time with them, romance and the rest.

What sugar babies want:

Sugar babies mostly engage in benefits relationship for Mentorship and career guidance, financial help them get the money for their bills, tuition fees and even having fun for themselves.

Also, a sugar baby may be in need of a lifestyle upgrade since sugar daddies have the ability to treat them with care by giving them taste of the high life. Also, they intend to get networking from sugar daddies since it can be a start of their success journey. Why secret

Pricing Plans:

  • 100 credits – $59.00
  • 500 credits – $169.00
  • 1000 credits – $289.00

Private photos:

On this site, you have the right to share your photos with the only people who you want to see your photo. This implies not everybody on the site can see your photos. Also, videos and photos are verified before they can be seen by your potential date who you are targeting. This act as verification that you are exactly who you say you are. Live chat. In secret you can easily live chat with your potential date in real time. Friendly and experienced customer care services. The site has very friendly customer care provider which will always offer you quality services that will leave you fully satisfied.

Free sign-up:

Its free to sign up in this site. For sugar babies its 100% free and for sugar daddies the fees for acquiring services are very affordable and pocket-friendly.

Its free to sign up in this site. For sugar babies its 100% free and for sugar daddies the fees for acquiring services is very affordable and pocket-friendly.

Over 1 million members:

The site has over one million members meaning you can easily get the partner of your specification within a very short period of time.


It's one of the major priorities of to ensure that your personal information is secure and private. The site cannot in any way share your personal details without your consents. How to get started. First of all, you need to create a free account, and then share some information about yourself. Secondly, talk and specify the benefits you are in need of in a relationship. No limitations and therefore you can specify as much as you wish. Finally, find a compatible partner who is ready to engage you in a relationship and then get the benefits out of the relationship.


It is evident that this site is one of the best when it comes to quality services and satisfaction is guaranteed. Therefore, its highly recommendable you try the site today and you will never regret.