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Seeking Arrangement was founded in the year 2005 and it has been actively growing for the last one decade now. Recently changed name - Sugar daddy Dating, The site is available in all English speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is provided in other languages such as French, Chinese, Spanish, and German. It’s estimated to have thousands of active members making use of the site to hook up with a sugar daddy or sugar baby. The founders behind this amazing dating site designed it to mainly focus on individual purposes of securing well-off sugar babies or sugar daddies for mutual benefits like luxury things, shopping, dinners, gifts and get sugar daddy allowance and coexistence. Because of their serious commitment to ensuring privacy and continued sugar dating without problems, has continued to improve on the growth of their membership, success, and notoriety in the community of online dating. get sugar daddy allowance

The Features:


About me

Once you sign up and you’re registered for a membership with Seeking arrangement site, you will be required to fill a section of About Me’ that will include personal information which you may choose to fill depending on whether it is optional or required according to the settings of the website. Mostly new members are required to fill list of their age, height, current location, body type weight, hair color, eye color, ethnicity and so forth.


On this section, users are required to disclose about their financial habits such as income per year, and net worth although this information is optional.


Personal Habits

Individual habits have to be disclosed such as smoking and drinking. Just like the financial information, also this kind of information is not compulsory. But it is advisable to fill all information about you in order to land on a better and perfect match.


Type of Arrangement

On the personal profile, you will be able to indicate on the kind of arrangement you are looking for. Specify the gender preference and the budget you have for your partner and a short and detailed description of the type of partner, you want.

Detailed Information

Here, you have an opportunity to tell more about yourself and in details. This includes who you are, what you are all about, and a personal summary. To have a deeper profile, these descriptions and summaries enable the user to flesh their profile to the users. You can also increase the creativity of your profile by uploading your own pictures to allow other users to get to know more about you in terms of physical traits.


You can initiate flirts by sending winks to other members who you feel attracted to and you would like to know them more.

Free Messages

At, you can send limited messages to some other users, although you are only allowed to send a total of 10 messages per month in a case where you’re not upgrading to a paid membership.


You’re allowed to utilize the search function to navigate through other member’s profile that you would like to view and you may throw a message if there is anything catchy there. The feature options are plentiful for free members even if you are not assured 100% of access on what is provided on the website.


In case you are looking forward to an upgraded paid membership, you should note that it won’t be free. It is likely to cost you some cash. There are three types of membership available for those who want to register. They include;

  • The standard membership - this is free to purchase
  • Premium membership – second most expensive
  • Diamond club membership – this is the most expensive but it assures the nicest bang for your money.

Premium Membership:

This type of membership is not cheap compared to those other paid plans online dating sites. It attracts a very wealthy clientele that is why the prices paid per month are a bit higher. For a month premium membership, you are likely to pay $50 to $60 total subscription for that period or a total of $140 for full-time membership. The other option for this membership is a subscription for 6 months at $ 45 every month or a full membership cost of $240 for the period.

Diamond Club Membership:

This is a highly exclusive option for paid members who would want to sign up and register. It is the most expensive and the most exclusive membership. Members who register as sugar daddies or sugar mommies are those only allowed signing up for Diamond Club Membership. For you to get the membership, you have to go through a verification process that includes verifying your level of income, identity and your net worth.

If you are unable to successfully finish the verification process, it is difficult to obtain Diamond Club Membership. The cost for this type of membership could go up to a thousand dollars for the annual subscription.

Verification Process:

For you to successfully go through the process of verification, you will have to give out a flat fee of $50, to be allowed to navigate through the background check and ensure your information is verified.


Seeking arrangement is one of the best dating websites, although it’s one of the well-trusted and well-regarded names when considering a particular niche for sugar baby and sugar daddy dating online. Here are the advantages of

  • Free period of trial for sugar mommies and Sugar Daddies dating.
  • Free dating platform for sugar babies
  • Given the exposure to media
  • Not automated for re-billing
  • Detailed search functions hence making it easy to narrow down your results
  • The number of sugar babies is higher than that of sugar daddies
  • It comes with verification process for net worth.
  • Final Verdict:

    If you’re on the lookout for a quick fix’ to end the streak, then Seeking Arrangement site is the place for you. Generally, the functionality of the site is enticing, with elegant and simple interface everything will be amazing and no irritating pop-ups. Therefore, make a decision today and sign up for, the chances of ending up with a lifetime partner are very high.