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Are you a sugar baby or aspiring sugar baby? We want you to write for us!

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One of the most unexpected drawbacks we experienced during our own sugar journeys was the absence of actionable, helpful tips to guide our efforts. And many of us aren’t comfortable sharing our experiences (or reaching out for advice) as a sugar baby to our friends and family.

In return for sharing your experiences with the sugar baby community here, you’ll not only get the satisfaction of helping aspiring sugar babies but also an Amazon gift card for your help.

Rest assured that all submissions are totally, completely anonymous – hey, we take privacy super seriously around here – and you’ll get a template of questions so it’ll be a breeze to write.

That’s one of the reasons we started this site – so new sugar babies wouldn’t have to feel isolated and lost when first starting out. As sugar babies, we all have unique experiences and our own savvy tips and tricks to help us get what we want. Why not share these insights with one another so we can all get ahead?

Guidelines for submitting your story

  • Do not submit a story more than once.
  • Once you receive the confirmation, it means your story has been successfully submitted and will soon be reviewed by the awesome people working at sugardaddyallowance.com
  • We do not have any time frame to publish a story.
  • Due to the sheer volume of stories received, we wouldn’t be able to send out rejection messages. Don’t be disappointed if your story doesn’t make the cut and feel free to send another great story.
  • Once you submit a story to us, you wouldn’t be able to make any changes to it.
  • You're advised to send the story in the final format. While we understand a few glitches are bound to happen, butchering sentences is certainly not accepted. Our experts shall give your story a glance to iron our minor errors. We suggest using spell check tools such as Ginger or ask a friend to proofread your story.
  • Lewd messages, hate speech, obscene imagery and porn is NOT allowed.
  • Although SugarDaddyAllowance.com is a niche community, we believe in maintaining dignity.
  • Kindly submit stories that have your copyright.
  • SugarDaddyAllowance.com enforces stringent copyright policies and in order to maintain the standards, you'd have to ensure your story is up to the mark.
  • SugarDaddyAllowance.com will not share your personal information while publishing your story.

Interested? Shoot us an email at sugardaddyallowance@gmail.com. Be sure to include details like:

  • What’s your lifestyle (i.e. student? mom?)?
  • Your sugar experience: Have you been sugaring for years? Just gone on a few sugar dates?
  • What’s special about you as a sugar babe?
  • Any article ideas you’d be interested in exploring and writing about?

Looking forward to hearing from you